The Hero's Journey In Star Wars By Joseph Campbell

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Joseph Campbell is a famous anthropologist who studied myths, stories, and religions from all over the world. He found a common thread that linked all of them. George Lucas used campbell’s non-fiction book Hero with Thousand Faces to get mos of his ideas to right the movie Star Wars. The Hero’s Journey has Three main stages: The Separation, Initiation, and the return. Luke Skywalker is main character in Star Wars movie. He is a hero based on Campbell’s idea.
According to Campbell’s idea, the first stage in the Hero’s Journey is called the Ordinary World which is the hero’s normal world before the story begins. This is where he lives his life in peace and feels safe and comfortable. In this story, Luke’s Ordinary World is on Tatooine, where
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He needs someone to help him. This stage is called Meeting the Mentor. In Star Wars Luke’s mentor was called Obi-Won-Kenobi. He convinced Luke to start using the force and to go with him. he also taught Luke how to use the Light Saber to protect himself. He wanted Luke to be a brave Jedi Knight and to defeat the Empire. In the Hero’s Journey, the hero meets his allies. The allies are going to help get over his obstacles through his journey. Luke’s allies were the two droids R2-D2 and C3-PO. Also there were another two allies to Luke, Han Solo and his co-pilot Chewbacca. They helped Luke, Obi-Won Kenobi, and the droids to escape from Tatooine. They also helped him to fight against his enemies: Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, and the Empire.
Based on Campbell’s idea, The next stage is called Crossing the Threshold. The Threshold of adventure is the point at which the hero leaves the known world to enter the unknown world. In other words, its called the jumping off point. After Luke met Obi-Won Kenobi, they decided to escape from Tatooine; But first they had to pass the Threshold Guardians. On the way to escape, the Storm Troopers tried to arrest them, but Obi-Won used the force to control the Storm Troopers mind. Then they found Han Solo and Chewy and they used their space ship Millennium Falcon, and then, they crossed the first Threshold. On the way, Luke practiced using the Light Saber and the

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