The Heros Journey In Stardust: A Hero's Journey

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I would say that Stardust is a romance and adventure story that is made in a way that captures the audience’s attention. Most love stories can bore and seem cliche, but the way that Stardust was structured made it stand out amongst the norm. The story of the film Stardust adheres to“The Hero’s Journey” and can still be considered to be a post-modern work as well. One way that supports Stardust to actually be a “Hero’s Journey” is that it uses all of the steps throughout the film. Knowing “The Hero’s Journey”, it was easy to point out the key elements while watching Stardust. Tristan’s status quo at the beginning of the story was that he lived in a small village in England with his father and fawned over his “love”, Victoria. His call to adventure was seeing the shooting star in the sky and the he departed by way of a Babylon candle after he made Victoria a promise to retrieve the star in exchange for her hand in marriage. Tristan successfully gets the star, Yvaine, and endures a great deal of trials with her. He grows as a person and so does his affection for Yvaine. When Yvaine finds herself to be captured by the witch…show more content…
There is usually a specific sequence that “The Hero’s Journey” is split up into, but Stardust deviated from this. I noticed that Tristan returned home to see Victoria before he made the approach to the innermost cave which was fighting the witches. Another point is that some steps repeated. Tristan got assistance on more than one occasion. After he was fired from his job, his father sat down with him and gave offered advice. Later, after being captured on the sky boat, Captain Shakespeare fed and nurtured Tristan and Yvaine. These differences make this work post-modern because it is new and innovative. This is the Classic Structure portion of a post-modern work and it differs from a standard overused story

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