The Hero's Journey In 'The Hunger Games'

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Ordinary world

The ordinary world is where the Hero's exists before their present story begins, it's their safe place oblivious of the adventures to come. Their everyday life sets the story and when we learn crucial details about our Hero, their true nature, capabilities and outlook on life. The journey begins in ends in the ordinary world.

Hercules lives a normal childhood with his “mother” and “father” in a small town, were he is known as the town freak and is use to being shunned for superhuman strength, that causes the town a lot of chaos. Hercules always knew that he never belonged where he was, and was destined to find out.

The main character from the novel "the hunger games" is Katniss Everdeen, a girl from District twelve, one
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6. Tests, allies, enemies

Now finally out of their comfort zone the Hero is confronted with an ever more difficult series of challenges that test them in a variety of ways. Obstacles are thrown across their path, and their skills are tested to their limits. They gain a deeper insight into their own character, and so do those around them. They must overcome each challenge they are presented with on the journey towards their ultimate goal. They also needs to find out who can be trusted and who can not. They may earn allies and meet enemies who will, each in their own way, help prepare them for the greater problems yet to come.

Tests: Hercules has a multitude of trials he experiences. Hercules when he first starts training is clumsy and awkward. It takes time and a lot of effort to finally graduate up to “hero status”. Hercules travels to Thebe’s, a town in need of a hero, to try and gain his “true hero” status. Hercules defeats every monster he faces, all are sent by the very evil Hades.

Allies: Pegasus and Phil are some of Hercules allies that helped him, you could also say that meg was both an ally and an enemy because she had no choice but to harm Hercules even though she loved

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