The Hero's Journey In Toy Story

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The Hero's Journey is a form of story structure that can be seen in almost all stories. The Hero's Journey is a twelve stage structure that travels through the ordinary world, call to adventure, refusal, meeting with the mentor, crossing the threshold, tests, approach to the inmost cave, ordeal, reward, the road back, resurrection, and ends with the return with the elixir. The Hero's Journey structure seems to fit into any story because of the story arcs that are followed by the heroes of stories. A great example of this is the movie, Toy Story. From the characters to the story arc Toy Story oozes with the structure of the Hero's Journey. Based on its characters and plot the movie Toy Story follows the Hero's Journey model. The movie is about two people who have a bitter rivalry but need each other to get out of a life or death situation.
The Hero's Journey normally has eight unique types of characters and twelve stages of a story that is split into three
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Woody journey through the hero's journey starts around when Buzz arrivals (00:15:07), Woody is instantly jealous of Buzz and feels like Buzz is trying to take over being Andy's favorite toy. When Woody accidently knocked Buzz out the window (00:27:50) he had to go find him and bring him back, even though he thought that going outside was unsafe. Woody and Buzz make it to an arcade and which they both are picked up by Sid (00:38:50) they then are taken back to Sid home. Woody starts to doubt himself and starts to think that Andy now has a new favorite toy (00:59:07). Woody finally has time to escape but if he does, it will be without Buzz, Woody decides that he cannot leave Buzz. (01:01:27). Woody is the hero of the movie because of his action, when Buzz was pulled on the claw machine, Woody holds on the Buzz and goes with him. Woody also had a chance to leave but refused to leave Buzz
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