The Hero's Journey Of Beowulf As An Epic Hero

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Beowulf comes from a well respected family. His dad, the King of the Geats, allows Beowulf to step up as a hero and prove himself. He led his hero’s journey by conquering many, as well as keeping his reputation of coming out on top when it came to fighting battles. He shows many hero-like characteristics throughout the book such as bravery, courage, honor, and leadership which students and teachers alike still consider honorable in today’s day and age. Being a hero requires one to conquer many obstacles. Beowulf overcame obstacles whether they were “people” or otherwise. One of his obstacles includes him giving his speech. When Beowulf gives his arrogant speech,, Rothgard tries to tell him to not become prideful. Rothgard believes that death can come for anyone at anytime. He informs Beowulf of his thoughts as Beowulf continues to gloat about how he has won battles in the past and how he will win them all in the future.…show more content…
He slays the monster, Grendel by ripping off his arm and he bleeds to death, he kills Grendel’s mother when she comes to avenge her son’s death but she ends up getting her head cut off by Beowulf. He also killed the sea monster in the swimming match. He traveled into unpaved territories, expecting the worst, but coming out on top when he reached an obstacle. Even when he journeyed to Denmark, Beowulf speculated if they would accept his help , but he went anyways. Beowulf has supernatural ‘powers’ which includes having the strength of thirty men in each hand. He uses this to help him win battles and keep his reputation clean. When he helps kill the dragon, he shows leadership because when Wiglaf swings the sword and impales the dragon, he doesn't kill it. Beowulf steps in and kills the dragon. He kills the dragon by stabbing his dagger into it. . Even though the dragon bit Beowulf he still persevered on. Many heros possess the trait of perseverance demonstrated by

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