Summary: The Hero's Journey

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“The adventure of heroes” by:Catalina Lora teacher: Alvaro herrera

Hero’s Journey

By: Joseph Campell

Joseph was born on March 26 of 1904, he was a mythologist , writer and a american professor. Joseph was mostly recognized for his work in mythology and comparative religion.The Hero’s Journey is a biography of the mythologist Joseph Campbell. In the form of a series of conversations. joseph passed away on October 30, 1887, for esophageal cancer.

Joseph Campbell discovered that every hero myth has a common
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Then i selected supernatural aid, because when Amulius order to kill the twins the man who have to kill them he didn’t and left them in Tiber river ,so a she-wolf rescue them. Finally i selected the ordinary world, because when the shepherd take the twins away from the cave of the wolves to live with him they started to live in a ordinary world.In the section of initiation, i selected the road of trials, because his father told them the truth, so they have a test to kill Amulius. Then i chose Trial and quest, because they have to survive to a series of test like Tiber, Amulius etc.finally In the third section return, i selected freedom to live, because Romulus and all people know are free to…show more content…
Then i selected the ordinary world, because at first Dido lived in a common world. Next i choose withdrawal from family or community for preparation and meditation, because she escaped from her brother to get an internal meditation with herself. On the second section initiation, i selected the road of trials, because at first she has to escape from her brother and then convince the owner of the land harvas to let her create a new city. Then i choose Trial and quest, because she have to pass to a test that is fundate a new city. Then i choose death, because Harvas want to marry her, but she didn 't, so she killed herself. Finally i choose reward, because they owned the great city of carthage. Finally on the last section return, i choose freedom to live, because know carthage is a peaceful city free of all and Dido doesn 't have to married, because she is
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