The Hero's Journey-Original Writing

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Greg deliriously tugged at the arrow sticking out of his shoulder as he pushed his way through sharp branches and prickly bushes trying to lose the person behind him. His body felt soaking wet and hurt like he had been sprayed with a firehose. He could feel his head floating away like a helium balloon and his body wanted to follow … he heard men’s voices … they were above him … # With a pounding head and aching body from the bumpy ride, Greg forced his eyes open. Bound hands and feet, he had been flung over a horse, and unable to move. A splintering pain shot through his leg as his mending bones separated with each jarring step of the animal, the pain was unbearable … and he was out again. # Greg woke up to bright sunlight burning through his eyelids and forced his eyes open. He stared up into leaves of a tree that must have been his shade earlier. A group of buzzards, laying claim to his body,…show more content…
There wasn’t an arrow, but it wasn’t a dream either. He lifted his head, and groaned when he saw a hole where the arrow had been and the flies that refused to leave when he batted at them. His discarded body lay on the side of a dirt path, wide enough to be a road. Heat rose from the dry ground in waves, and his teeth crunched on its dust. His tattered clothes and hair were damp from sweat, and it would be a while until he noticed his belt and shoes were missing. With his good arm, he was able to pull himself back into the cool shade and lie back down. “Shoo,” he said to the eager buzzards, letting them know he was still alive, and they should find their meal elsewhere. Greg’s entire body felt like it was burning up and he closed his eyes to quell the increasing nausea. The surrounding fields buzzed with insects and something rustled through the dry grass next to his head. He hoped it was just a lizard, but it could just as easily be a rattlesnake. Sometimes it was just better to sleep
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