The Hero's Journey: The Romulus And Remus Myth

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What is the Hero’s journey? The hero’s journey is a very significant rubric for someone who wants to create myths, or make very well done stories. It provides the characteristics and steps, such as departure, initiation and return. Those need to be followed in order to produce a complete and proper myth or story. Also the Hero’s Journey helps us to understand the composition of the myths and stories.

Romulus and Remus Myth The Romulus and Remus myth tells the story of how Rome was founded and the adventures theirs ancestors had to dealt with. Everything began with Aeneas, a Roman soldier who was in love with the queen of Carthage, Dido, who committed suicide because of the love she had for Aeneas. He navigated a lot, until he found a city called Alba Longa. He had 2 kids. Being Aeneas the first king, he gave the crown to his eldest son, who
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Numitor was destined to be the next king, but Amulius wanted to be the king, so Amulius sent Numitor away from Rome. Numitor had a son, who was sent away too; and a girl, which Amulius had prohibited to have kids. Although, she had 2 boys with the god Mars: Romulus and Remus. They were put in a basket in the Tiber river, a she-wolf found them and took care of them as if they were her own children. The three of them were found by a shepherd named Faustulus. They grew up, and started hunting in the woods. They also attacked robbers, who capture Remus; Romulus scaped. The robbers took Remus to the king, and said that he was a criminal. While Remus was captured, Fastulus told Romulus that since the day he found them, he thought they were royalty. Numitor also disclaimed the truth. He heard about Remus’ twin brother, and started deducing theirs identity. Amulius died, and Numitor organized a meeting to proclaim that he was again the king of Alba Longa. He also revealed the twins’ identity. Romulus and Remus
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