The Hero's Quest In The Odyssey

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The heroes’ quest is a common archetype that occurs in many forms of storytelling. This way of writing occurs used in movies, books, and art. A hero’s quest is a method of writing which consists of adventure, difficult decisions, victory, and then returning as a changed or transformed version of oneself. One of the important and most used hero quest aspects is enduring darkness. Usually, darkness is a journey, and not one that is a fun enjoyable ride. The journey will consist of suffering, pain, and loneliness; however, frequently there is an opening of light that the hero has to climb to finish that journey. They will go through obstacle after obstacle to test themselves and see if they can survive. They will grow from this hardship as a form of renewal to prove that they have won this battle. Everyone has one place to go, and it’s the light. Light is a feeling of satisfaction away from pain and suffering. It’s being with oneself and being alone with a person one loves. However, getting there is hardship, strength, and sacrifice. The Odyssey is a great example of the hero’s quest. It starts with him leaving Ithaka, making decisions that will affect him and his men and returning home as a new person. Which coincides with Voila in The Good braider she goes through hard decisions that affect herself also however how she is free from darkness is different. The process of going through suffering and making mistakes is a very human aspect that all humans go through. However, what
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