The Hero's Story: The Virus

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Long ago, in an unknown village in Greece, there lived 2 brothers. Avarus, a poor and unskilled hermit of a leper. And Bonum, a hardworking merchant who provides shelter and food for Avarus in return for his loyalty and respect. One night, Bonum was invited to attend the Olympics held at their village. Avarus, on the other hand, was not invited to come. Typically everyone in the village is invited, but no one in the village accepted Avarus because of his leprosy. Avarus was tired of being treated like this; he was a villager like everyone else. Avarus was so mad and upset that no one likes him. He wanted everyone to like him; he wanted to do something about it. So, he left. He wanted to know what to do. He walked around for a long time when finally he overheard two strangers’…show more content…
This must be the place, he thought while looking inside. Sure enough there was a large beast, laying on a pile of jewels. This is the place, thought Averous while stepping inside. The monster was awake but paid no mind to Avarus. Averous caught the monsters attention and explained what he wanted. Gund told him to come back with some food and a meaningful object and then he will give him some money. Averous began his long journey home. When he did reach home he decided to sleep for the night and to head out tomorrow morning to go back to the beast and claim his reward. The next day Avarus awoke before his brother, he grabbed a sack and stuffed an old poorly made doll into it. It was made by his mother and was an important role in his childhood. He knew he couldn’t go hunting, he didn’t have the equipment. He looked around, finally his eyes focused on 2 rats in the corner of the room. “They will do.” He whispered to himself as he got up to grab the very large rats. He shove them into his bag and set out for the monsters cave, where his fortune awaits. When he arrived the monster was again laying on his mountain of
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