The Hero's Theory Of A Monomyth Story

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Hearing the word “hero” often makes people think of things like Superman, your mother or father, police officers, etc. There are heroes there and in everyday life, but what many do not realize is that there is a hero in every story. When you watch a movie, hear a story, or read a book, do you expect to see a certain plot coming? Do you think it will follow a series of events in a specific order? Well the theory that every story follows the same structure was found by Joseph Campbell. It is said that his theory of the Hero’s Journey holds up against every story. The fact that every story can follow the same main plot is mind blowing. I will be further exploring the depths of a Hero’s Journey by seeing how the theory of a Monomyth story holds up against the television show called Dragon Ball Z. The Hero’s Journey is the theory that every story follows the same basic structure revolving around protagonist. This monomyth theory was created by Joseph Campbell. Campbell lived from 1904-1987 and changed the way that we see stories by realizing they all follow this structure. Campbell was a mythologist and philosopher who we still study today. Campbell wrote a book called The Hero with a Thousand Faces, where this theory is explained. The main parts of the theory are how the story starts, often one of the first steps is that the hero is called to adventure. This call to adventure starts the hero’s journey from normal life. Next comes the refusal of the call, most of the time they
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