The Hidden Literary Meanings In Arnold's Poem Dover Beach

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The Hidden Literary Meanings In Arnold’s Poem “Dover Beach” This lyrical poem starts by highlighting the bright, beautiful aspects that life can bring when he was looking out the ocean. The way that this poem was written demonstrates the struggle and the changes that Arnold was experiencing in his own life. The speaker stars to recognize that this world is taken over by sadness, sorrow, and problems. When he reflects upon the world that came before him and how that led to the present hopelessness, and misery that surround them in the present day. He finished the poem by saying that they have to keep faithful and hopeful for a better life, even though they are living in a world which darkness exists with a slight light of hope as a battlefield place. Mathew Arnold uses variety of literary devices o show how life is grim and hopeless, despite moments of light and happiness. In this essay, I will analyze these hidden literary meanings that supports Arnold ideas about life. The poem begins with a happy couple on a beach that starts to realize that life is made up of brief moments of joy but prolonged periods of sadness. The poet presents visual depictions. He describes the calm sea, the fear moon, and the light in France on the other side of channel. The first extended metaphor captured life as the calm sea, which is ironic because the writer is describing England and people in a sad point of view. Light and darkness in the first stanza represent the loss of light or faith

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