The Hiding Place Cornelia Ten Boom Analysis

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Starved, frozen, overworked and stripped of clothes and possession, Corrie lived in a prison hell while she watched her family die one by one. But she was a survivor. Her faith and ability to see God’s power in all her suffering, carried her out of the prison back into the arms of her loved ones. The Hiding Place, an autobiography written by Cornelia ten Boom, tells the story of a woman who survived the Nazi concentration camp that killed thousands, by trusting in God that His love overcomes.
Cornelia ten Boom, a Dutch Christian, lived in Haarlem during World War II. She thought of herself as plain and ugly, comparing herself to her sister. But little did she know, she would soon become a deliverer to many. During the German’s attacks on the
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Satan was constantly trying to wrench Corrie away from God and make her think He had abandoned her. Satan made her sick, took away her family, starved her and overworked her; however, God used these to His advantage and taught Corrie essential lessons. Corrie ended her battle against Satan by forgetting about the pain and concentrating on how God was able to turn the dreadful things against Satan to help her. This must have been extremely difficult for Corrie, but I agree with her decision to trust in the Lord and see the good in everything. I agree with her resolution because her story shows how amazing God is and how He always has a better plan.
I feel that this book is a brilliant book. It shows how God’s love always overcomes evil and reminds us that we are never alone. The book is a good reminder and lesson to all Christians and people who are struggling with their suffering. It reminds us that even when we think we are alone and that nothing good is happening in our lives, God is overcoming, loving and has a greater plan. Corrie has motivated me to strengthen my faith and to never try to depend on myself alone. She reminded me of how much God loves
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