Who Is Roderick Gordon's Character In The Highfield Mole

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Roderick Gordon while writing this book based it off of another novel which had little detail on its main character unlike Tunnels. Roderick shows how not only do names change in life but so do people or in this case characters. Originally Tunnels was self-published as “The Highfield Mole” but later renamed (Maine). The protagonist, Will, changes a lot throughout the story. Even though it’s not his opinions that are changed but his character overall due to the conflicts he has to endure. Will fights with how he feels, others, the underground society, and the underground government which shows how he is developed throughout the story. Will starts out believing that his family he’s known since he could remember was his family. Once he gets information…show more content…
Underground they go to church once a day and they have to no matter what unlike the first amendment you choose what you believe in. Gordon when explaining this goes more into detail when he talks about the religion they deal with, instead of his usual emotion. It is shown that everyone needed to go to church so they could rant about not only what happened underground but what they might do to the “topsoilers”. While reading “he caught sight of a massive iron crucifix on the wall,” Gordon brings in religion to show what Will has to deal with underground (Gordon p. 263-264). Allusion is used to show how Williams portrayed the underground world. Throughout the book it is referred to another title that he’s worked on, The Highfield Mole. Before that Will as a character was underdeveloped and had the plot go nowhere, so the making of Tunnels Will was made as detailed as Gordon and Williams could make. In an interview they both say that they had some type of frustration, either with themselves or others, to write this book. Catharsis was used to show how the government underground was different compare to what Will has seen on the surface. Williams and Gordon wants to gain each readers attention to show the care and emotion that they have put into this character, Will. “Several burly men imparted turned to resent Will with snarls and disgust,” This shows that not only does the
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