The Hip-Hop Subcultural Movement

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Hip-hop is a subcultural movement formed, during the early 1970’s by African American, Latino, and Caribbean youths living in South Bronx, New York City. Hip-hop did not become popular outside the African American community until the 1980’s, but by the 2000’s hip-hop was the most listen to musical genre in the world. The hip-hop culture is rooted in four foundational elements: graffiti art (visual), turntablism or DJ’ing (aural), breakdancing (physical), and last but not least rap music (oral). While hip-hop is continually developing, these elements provide coherence to hip-hop culture.
In the 1970’s a new music culture emerged from the predominately African American neighborhood of Bronx, New York City. Hip-hop, as a music and a culture, grew

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