The Historical And Historical Themes Of Hamlet In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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3.1. Hamlet
It is one of the most famous tragedies in the world, the story of revenge of the young prince of Denmark to his uncle for murdering the king (his father) and marrying his mother. An explosive mixture of love, conspiracy and madness make Hamlet be one of the greatest works of world literature.
Analysis of the historical and social context
A fact that highlights this work among the others is the emotional depth of the characters; you could say that the work is intended to represent the personality and attitude of human beings, madness of Ophelia, vileness of Claudio, obsession of Hamlet, etc...
The work represents the English society of the time disguised under the name of Denmark. An example of this is the fork on the subject of religion during the work can be seen as there are Catholic ceremonies (such as the funeral of Ophelia) but given the time of the work and where there is a split because Denmark is a follower of Martin Luther reform country. Another fact regarding the time is abandoning the idea of Renaissance humanism into scepticism and self existentialism Baroque; this is noticeable in the famous soliloquy of Hamlet 's "To be or not to be". Hamlet is in historical context based on the monarchy absolute and authoritarian. All that matters is to conquer other countries and personal property of the king, regardless of the damage that may be caused to the others and oneself satisfied.
In the first act we can clearly highlight the attitude of each person how

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