Animal Rights In Islam

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Islam is a religion of mercy, not only for the human beings, but extended to include all creatures of God; such as birds, insects and other animals. God has commanded us to be compassionate towards animals. We will be asked and held in the Day of Judgment for these weak creatures. Therefore, Islam has set rules and regulations for dealing with animals.
The Holy Qur 'an, the Hadith, and the historical backdrop of Islamic human advancement offer numerous cases of consideration, kindness, and sympathy for creatures. As per Islamic standards, every single animal has its own position in the creation chain and people are in charge of their health and foods. Allah has made us aware that animals are communities like humans and they have quite similar
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Our Holy book Qur 'an states that all creation worships God, regardless of the possibility that this praising isn 't communicated in human dialect.

What is the definition of animal rights?
It is believing that these innocent creatures have the right of being free from humans torturing or misusing them, yet there is a lot of confusion regarding what that implies. Animal rights does not mean considering animals to be above human beings or giving them the exact rights that human has.
Mostly, animal rights activists think that animal rights is grounded in rejecting speciesism and knowing that animals have the capacity of suffering.

Animal Communities
The Quran portrays that animals shape communities, similarly as human beings do:

"There isn 't an animal which lives on the planet, nor a creature which flies on its wings, however they frame groups/communities like you. We have omitted nothing from the Book, and they will all gather to their God at the end" (Quran
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They should be given proper food, water, and place to stay in. The Prophet Muhammad explained the way a person will be punished if he/she neglects to take care of a pet:
It has been narrated from Abdullah ibn Umar that the Messenger of God, (peace be upon him), stated, "A lady was once given punishment after her death due to confining a cat until it passed away, and as a result of this she entered the hell. She had neither given it any food or letting it drink water while confining the poor cat, nor had she set it free to eat the creatures of the planet."
Hunting for Sports
In Islam, hunting for sports is not allowed. Muslims might just hunt as is expected to reach their necessities for sustenance or food. This used to be quite common in the past and at the time of our prophet (pbuh), and he censured it at each opportunity.
• It’s narrated from Ibn Umar that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), used to curse the individuals who were using any living thing as an objective.
• It’s narrated from Ibn-Abbas that the Messenger (pbuh) disallowed actuating the animals to battle each other. (Abu Dawood and
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