The History And History Of Embroidery In India

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What is embroidery? E mbroidery the decoration of cloth with design by needle and thread is an dating back to antiquity. Indian embroidery designs are as vivid and varied as the culture of India. Each region and each sect has developed its own embroidery style, technique and pattern over the centuries. For me textiles are a way of life and the non-verbal language of a people. Fabric speaks to us at multiple levels. Its raw materials speak of the geo-climatic conditions and trade links. The techniques speak of the level of civilization as well as links with other. The motifs tell us of its legends, its myths, its beliefs, their way of life and also the trade links. Embroidery created by the women, who enrich their environment, their own lives and of the family by creating objects of everyday use in the home. Embroidery generally is viewed by people as a form of decoration or embellishment but its origins may lie in the decorative stitching together of leather or woven cloth as well as in the strengthening of cloth which always has been a very precious commodity in a household. Despite varying points of view we know that stitching together and the use of implements have been known in the subcontinent from the very beginnings of history. Bone needles and awls have been found in Kashmir, which date back to Neolithic period. They were probably used to stitch the skin and leather garments. The techniques of leather stitching the most sophisticated of which is known to us as

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