The History And Impacts Of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

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The trans-Atlantic slave trade had caused long-lasting devastations in Africa from the 16 through to the 19 centuries. During these centuries, large majority of slaves were transported to the Americas (new world) from Africa. The Atlantic slave trade originated from the expansion of European Empires that lacked one major resource; a workforce. Europeans were unsuited to the climate and suffered from diseases. However, the African labourers were used to the tropical climate and resistant to tropical diseases. Consequently, most Africans sold into slavery were destined to work on plantations in the Caribbean and the Americas, where huge areas of the American continent had been colonized by European nations. Products such as sugar or tobacco would be produced at cheaper rates by the slave labourers, intended for consumption back in Europe. Henceforth, I will accentuate the key events that occurred during the era of the slave trade. The legacy of Eurocentrism that endured in African countries like Sudan. The role of Atlantic slave trade in the development of European economy and the catastrophic impact it had on Africa.

The slave trade is an example of extreme oppression and racism. Over time slavery became associated with the dark skin of Africans, which led to the colonists feeling superior. The Eurocentric belief had led the Europeans to exploit the African slaves to adapt to the western way. As European forces began to colonize in Africa, Eurocentric views
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