The History Of Advertising: Commercial, And Social Media Advertising

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Good afternoon everyone! I want to start off this presentation by asking a simple question. Has anybody ever experienced being in the middle of a TV show or a movie on your screen, and all of sudden there is a break in the program due to advertising? I am guessing many of you have experienced this. For most people, this can be a very annoying reality that is faced every single day. All of us are surrounded by advertising and there is no escaping it. But because we interact and observe advertising on a daily basis, it is important to know the history behind it. Over the past few hundred years, the use of advertising has changed drastically. Advertising can be presented through many mediums. But today, I will focus on the mediums of billboard, commercial, and social media advertising and how they have changed over the years. (Transition) Let 's begin with the first medium I will be talking about today, and that is billboard advertisements and its evolution through history into the present-day. There is a great deal of history behind the use of billboards. One invention paved the way for the production of billboards. The term "lithography" was first introduced when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press around 1450. In an article called capital outdoor, they explain that "In the late 1790 's, the invention of lithography made it possible to mass produce as many posters and announcements as businesses needed". Circuses were one of the first businesses who used

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