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Good afternoon everyone! I want to start off this presentation by asking a simple question. Has anybody ever experienced being in the middle of a TV show or a movie on your screen, and all of sudden there is a break in the program due to advertising? I am guessing many of you have experienced this. For most people, this can be a very annoying reality that is faced every single day. All of us are surrounded by advertising and there is no escaping it. But because we interact and observe advertising on a daily basis, it is important to know the history behind it. Over the past few hundred years, the use of advertising has changed drastically. Advertising can be presented through many mediums. But today, I will focus on the mediums of billboard,…show more content…
Unlike the 1790 's where billboards had to be printed, in the modern-day world, the majority of billboards in use right now run digitally. Digital billboards today create less hassle for companies. That is, companies don 't have to send their workers out with a ladder to change the wording on a sign anymore. An article from ScienceDirect, explains that "Billboards and posters can be seen on everything including stadiums, blimps, parking meters, shopping carts, and gas nozzles". As I stated earlier, advertisements are always around us as we go about our daily…show more content…
Commercials do not have as long as a history as billboards. In fact, commercials have only been around for a little over half a century. Quality Logo Products discusses that "the very first television ad appeared on July 1, 1941 during a baseball game on a local channel in New York. It was a ten-second commercial advertising Bulova watches and cost a mere four dollars, but it completely revolutionized both television and advertising". Just as I stated before, commercials have only been around for only 77 years. Commercial advertising became more popular just like billboards did when they were introduced. But a huge event halted the production of commercial advertising. Quality Logo Products again explains that "once the United States entered World War II, however, television broadcasting ceased as the nation focused its resources on the war effort. But it resumed once the war was finished and, by 1948, many additional advertisers were using television spots to reach an expanding audience". As a few decades progressed, commercial advertising expanded to millions of people. Before the 1970 's, many commercials on television were promoting cigarettes. But at the beginning of the decade in the 70 's, many commercials that promoted cigarettes were banned. When the 1980 's came around, children were protected from cigarette ads. Many children in the 1980 's
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