The History Of Ageism

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Defining the issue Ageism is a form of discrimination and prejudice against an age group, and is actually felt by seniors (Ageism, 2009). Ageism includes false stereotypes which is applied to the seniors, also changes ones way of how they treat elders. As an individual society has taught us want to categorize people into groups, which often leads to use making incorrect and negative stereotypes on one another. A professor had asked her students if they were excited about getting older, and they all answered “no way!” Their explanation was a list of stereotypes such as, sick, unhappy, sexually inactive, as well as being alone. Ageism has been a huge issue for many decades now about the prejudice and discrimination towards seniors.

History of the issue

The term ageism was first established in 1969 by Robert N. Butler, 42 year old psychiatrist. Ageism has been a problem for decades, and many laws have been made due to the discrimination against the elderly and the denial of them being given jobs. This prejudice and discriminating issue against the elders due to their age is not new to society or the individuals of seniors. This first became an issue because of the way people started to treat the elderly because of their age and also as they thought they were incapable. So few employees would allow them to work, which first brought the laws into place in 1967. (A History of Ageism Since 1969. (n.d.).

Psychological factors

Ageism is a serious form of social
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