The History Of Cheerleading

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In 2017, cheerleading is known for all of its rigorous stunts, tumbling, and cheers. However, cheer has not always been portrayed this way. Cheerleading began as a small group of people yelling unorganized chants to cheer for a football team or other sports teams. Great Britain started the trend of unorganized chanting in 1883, but in 1884 the first official cheer was performed at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey (“History of Cheerleading”). From 1880 to 2017, cheerleading has become one of the biggest sports across the globe. Cheer has grown and changed in many different ways since it began at Princeton University, and cheer continues to change and develop in the world we live in today. Cheerleading has evolved from nationwide…show more content…
Cheer used to just be an organized group of people yelling chants on the sidelines of a football game or sometimes in the stands. High schools and colleges all over the world still have sideline cheerleaders however, since 1880, All Star cheerleading groups have begun. All Star stemmed off of sideline cheer and has grown rapidly ever since. According to the article “History of Cheerleading,” “All Star teams began to emerge during the 1980’s because some athletes just wanted to compete without school or sports league affiliation. In 1987, NCA created an All Star division that separated the unattached teams from those representing schools and gave each group different rules and regulations, allowing those who solely want to compete bypass the sidelines of sports games”(“History of Cheerleading”). All Star has become one of the biggest cheerleading leagues which pushes each cheerleader to perform to the best of their ability. Many cheerleaders enjoy participating in sideline cheer as well as All Star cheer, which allows All Star cheer to continue to…show more content…
Although cheer started as an all-male activity, it has become an activity that both male and females participate in today. Cheer continues to grow from nationwide to worldwide which allows people from other countries to contribute to the cheerleading world. The skills in cheerleading have also changed dramatically. The stunts and the tumbling have both become something that contribute to the two minute and thirty second routines. Those routines have become a big part of All Star cheerleading. All Star cheer has become something for athletes to participate in if they do not want to take part in the school cheer team. Cheer has evolved dramatically since 1880, and continues to grow today. Cheer is now widely known, and one of the most competitive sports across the
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