The History Of Fashion Photography

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Over the years, fashion designers and lately fashion bloggers have relied heavily on fashion photography to publicize their themes and promote their products and designs. Since fashion photography started around 1860's it was growing up slowly. The field of fashion photography has been lagging behind compared to other artistic fields. It became more popular around 1910's, when fashion magazines such as Vogue and La Moda Practique started depending on photography instead of illustration and drawing. Fashion photography is growing commercially in the fashion world and in the art world. The fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar was the first to shoot models outdoors and in motion. Since the art of fashion photography gained recognition, a steady…show more content…
The process of photography has become easier and was facilitated a lot in synch with the development of technology. Taking a look at the fashion photography history and developing timeline it became evident that there is a clear difference in the process photography creation. Before the introduction of photography, there had to be a creative team behind the camera, a whole preparing process of models styling, hair and makeup artists and studio theme, following that the process of editing pictures and adding the touch or the unique signature every photographer…show more content…
Some photographs might affect, inspire or motivate us. Some images just get to our brains directly or subconsciously, and we would like a certain style, which in turn would make us want to buy something because of a picture we saw. Visual material is what shows trends and cultures and connect societies together, sometimes directly and other times indirectly. The people who are behind the camera usually control what they want us to see and how they want us to interpret a certain idea. They incorporate various constituents to create an attention grabbing element that will have you consider the image and creates a mental link that will have the viewer associate and identify this certain constituent with the photographers work. Photography is one of the most essential tools in our digital and printed world today. It’s the main way to get your work out there displayed for people from all over the world whether that is online or printed through hard copy magazines. Fashion photography is a dynamic and exciting has two main targets. One of the areas of fashion photography aims towards flaunting and selling the clothing, in addition to showing the beauty of the garment and other fashion items. Therefore, the fashion photographer has the task of enhancing this aspect in their images. This is where the talent

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