The History Of Mass Media

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People receive information in multiple ways each and every day. People have gained information and spread news has been changed over time. A medium is defined as “the means of communication, radio and television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, that reach or influence people widely.” Using this definition we can see that throughout history society has communicated in different ways as early as history has been recorded. As people we become more technologically advanced we look for new ways to communicate with each other in faster ways. Ways people use a medium or multiple forms of media has changed since the recording of history. As people advanced so did they way we communicate through media. The first drawings in caves…show more content…
Since the start of the internet communities of people were able to communicate quicker then ever before. When looking at mass media today it is used with all forms of media but in an age of computers this term is more associated with internet based forms of media. Since the start of the internet in the late 1980s and early 1990s it has been a large part of how people are able to communicate with each other. Although, mass media has been around for much of human existence. Since we now live in a connected world we are able to see the news or check our profiles on our social media quickly we have advantages of learning, understanding, and communicating faster then ever…show more content…
This form of media has been used the longest in human history dating back centuries. After written language was invented people have written books using them to communicate with others. Then more formal papers were invented just to be used to communicate and spread news called news papers. News papers became more popular after the invention of the printing press in 1440. After the invention of the printing press society did not have to handwrite each and every document leading to more wide spread communication and rise of news papers. Later in the 18th century magazines were invented to contain a variety of content to inform or communicate with people. Much of media which was once considered print media can now be found online or on electronic devices with the inventions of electronic books and news sources. Printed media is still used and prevalent today many still read new papers, books, and magazines. Outdoor media is a form of mass media that comprises billboards, signs, placards placed inside and outside commercial buildings, blimps, and banners. Since the early 19th century mankind has used this form of media since the early 19th century to advertise anything from the roadside in shops and on posters. Many commercial advertisers use this form of media to show their good or service they provide without needing to use the an alternative

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