The History Of Political Activism

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In this research, the participation of political activism is analyzed, so is the history and evolution. The individuals that may have influenced the movements that have taken place. Such as; Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko just to name a few. Comparisons made from the types of ways that political activism has participated. I help give a perspective of how it has affected my race and how it affects me currently.
The History of Political Activism
Throughout history, notable individuals and groups have provided a pathway to freedom. Some examples activists you know may include violence and non-violent approaches. For example, Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Biko, Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Russell Means. These
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Places that need their voices heard, go to certain lengths to get noticed and not over-looked. Places where human rights are violated, civil rights movements still occur. Here in the United States, we have movements that want to make a change in their government or somehow influence their establishments to get the outcome they want.
According to Huffington Post, “ignorance comes at a high cost in a free society”. Meaning that here in the U.S, education is at a high cost. But, because of this, the real cost of ignorance is in fact that not everyone can afford education. This worries society seeing that it can become destructive society due to ignorance. The lower and middle class can hardly get an education, and because of this, the rich have an unfair advantage.
The reason why it must get to the point where individuals intervene is that of the lack of knowledge. It is notorious for the ignorance established by a group of oppressors. Inequality and oppression stem from poor education, and the oppressed sometimes stay oppressed because of poor education as well. It is well known that “knowledge is power”, but not everyone knows everything. So, that makes bystanders as guilty as the oppressors due to their inability to act and only
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Activism and justice affect me because of the problems happening with Native Americans. Since I am a Native American, these issues I face personally as well as my family and tribe. Still underrepresented in our government and hardly any opportunities in our own land. We face poverty with other indigenous people as our treaties are violated by corporate companies and treated unfairly by government officials.
Natives have been a huge role in activism throughout the years. In the 1960’s, activism made by Native Americans began. This “Red Movement”, was mainly started by the Lakota. The influence was evolved by the black freedom struggle. This political activism was provoked by the forced assimilation that these tribes face. Meaning that they were forced away from their culture and their traditional values. These political movements in the 1960’s laid a foundation for future participation in protests and activism. A good example of this recent event of a recent event is the protests for the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota. Individuals and groups came together to protest a pipeline that would jeopardize the well-being of that
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