The History Of Rock Music

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Rock Music has been around for a really long time but its history isn't so pretty, when it is looked into deeply. While some of the most famous artists have came out with some of the biggest hits in the world their past isn't so clean and neither is the origins of the music. Music throughout the years has moved us in many ways emotionally and maybe even physically, but Rock Music has its own unique timeline that we will look into in depth with its many subgenres, origins and many talented artists. The first question is what is Rock Music? Well, the meaning is quite complicated although usually rock music is accompanied by a strong beat and smooth rhythm and the pace of the song depends on the on the sub-genre. whether it’s for example ‘blues…show more content…
He took the the United States by storm with his style of rock; it was never the same. Unlike Elvis and Bob Marley, Jimi mixed many genres together to create his unique sound. He was also a very talented guitarist, which is what he was most known for. Sporting his Fender Stratocaster, he was a master shredder.(Firth Simon,”Rock”) He was also in the band Chico Magnetic Band, also known as the Jimi Hendrix Experience, which combined many genres together like blues, hard rock, and even psychedelic rock. They were most famous during the Woodstock era, where thousands of people gathered around a large field and listened to music and the Chico Magnetic Band was there performing. They were also in protest of the Vietnam War in the 60’s and 70’s. Even though Jimi has passed away his music will be remembered for many years to come.(Firth Simon,“Rock”) No one really knows where rock music truly originated in the United States; however, there are many locations across the U.S. that have a lot of backstory to the genre of rock music. For example, Detroit spawned many genres of rock that later became very popular amongst the people, like blues. A few artists, like Alberta Adams who sang in a unique tone which inspired many other singers to follow the same path, similarly to Eddie “Guitar” Burns, who was a talented guitarist who also sang the blues and inspired many…show more content…
It was a channel that showed music videos for 24 hours around the clock introducing the people watching to more interesting genres and bands that they may have never heard before. This boosted the popularity of many bands who were wanting the fame and wanting to be heard by the general public. The channel itself was very successful, bringing in millions of viewers everyday.(McKeen William,”Rock Music”)
With MTV being successful, later in the years it showcased a new subgenre of rock called Hip-Hop, which was barely rising in fame, which showed a new type of music where it’s lyrics were mainly spoken instead of sung. It normally used a simple rhythm followed by the lyrical rhyme schemes.(McKeen William,”Rock Music) The Sugar Hill Gang were the first of their group to score a major hit in the Hip-Hop genre.
Although the history of Rock Music and its origins don’t paint a pretty picture, the genre has changed many people’s lives, either physically or emotionally. It is still the most popular genre of music out in the world right now. Rock still has a lead in the current marketplace with many bands from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s still actively touring, bringing in many people to see them perform.(Mckeen William,”Rock Music”) If it continues to go down this path, Rock Music’s popularity will never fade; if anything else, it will continue to evolve in many interesting
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