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Snowboarding is a very well known sport as of today in modern time. Though snowboarding was first created a long time ago, the real movement of progress in the sport happened 1965. Many skiers looked down on the sport as they thought anyone who participated in the sport were “Rebels” and “Young teenagers.” From there on many skiers and snowboarders will have problems with each other. There were many well known people starting to shine during this period as they found the sport. One of the most popular would be the man known as Jake Burton Carpenter. His middle name is very popular as it is the company name for snowboard binding boots and outerwear for snowboarders. He started this company in 1977 and it still is running for one of the best snowboarding shops still to this day. This essay will go through the interesting ups and downs of how snowboarding started, how snowboarding made its way into the olympics and finally how people tend to snowboard now.

Sherman Poppen was the individual who
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It is a version of motocross (Dirt bike racing) but changed for snowboarders. There is usually around 40-60 riders that will start at the top of a very steep hill and will have to go down the tall incline while they endure banked turns, jumps, drops, berms, and other obstacles that will test the control and balance the riders have. The last very common type of snowboarding in Backcountry. Backcountry is very popular and not only in snowboarding. Lot’s of skiers, snowmobilers, etc do this type of riding. Backcountry is only recommended to professionals as it is easy to cause a avalanche, fall off a clif, or get lost. Backcountry snowboarders tend to use a stiffer board and stiffer binding as it helps them get through the deeper snow and steep

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