The History Of Soccer

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Soccer a sport that has been played by a worldwide, is the national sport for a lot of European and South American countries. A game who has influenced nations, millions gather to watch skilled athletes compete in a game of soccer. It is so popular that physical education programs have soccer integrated into their plans. Soccer is a game that involves strategic planning that occurs and to be able to play one has to be quick and agile, and your footwork must be meticulous. Also, this marvelous game and its history have flourished to be something that people enjoy to do; but nowadays this game has been altered into a money making machine and full of corruption.
First, the sport started in England, but how the invention of this sport is still
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Looking at the history, people have enjoyed this game and it spread more and more thought the world but to England it was seen as a nuisance and was even banned for the majority of the time. Due to the fact that might have been a distraction and sense it was newly introduced people still have not gotten used to the game. They improved on the “step-by-step demonstrations, nutritional advice, and they also had developed excellent visual instruction and expert to personal train you” (Drewett 2). Yet, with time England has gotten used to this game and started to make rules, set goalkeepers and tactics. The regulations continued to evolve more and more and soccer flourished in England, with the “Football Association Cup being introduced twelve years later and by the twentieth century many European countries had formed their own soccer leagues; also competing…show more content…
However, this history revamped into money sucking money like a vampire sucking all the blood. The clubs have started to focus on just getting money and buying more players, they have lost the sense of playing for the enjoyment but they just do it for the fame and money. For example Daniele Rugani came through the ranks at this former team “Empoli, but was sent on loan to the Italian team Juventus”(Transfer Rumors). Being sent on a loan to Juventus would gave money to former team Empoli due to fact of the loaning players the clubs make more money then when they buy the players.
Also,what they call the transfer market is where the players are bought from former teams to current teams. Another example is Gareth Bale who played for Wales was bought for “80 million pounds to play for the spanish club Real Madrid and that money is equivalent to 122 million US dollars”(Transfer Rumors). Now that is a waste of money due to the fact that the player has not does anything to the team but the market does not care as long as they get the
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