The History Of The Sistine Chapel In Rome

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Sistine Chapel Rome is full of history and beautiful monuments and buildings. One of the most well-known buildings in Rome is the Vatican, where the pope has resided in earlier years and where public ceremonies are performed. Within the Vatican itself, it holds St. Peters basilica, the Vatican museum and the well-known Sistine Chapel. The Sistine Chapel is something that everyone knows about. It is known for it beauty, especially with the frescos painted on the ceilings and the famous painting of the Last Judgment. This chapel was mainly built to accommodate the increasing size of the papal court but is has now become so much more. I chose to do the Sistine Chapel because when seeing it in person, it truly is breathtaking and all the famous painters that were involved created such a masterpiece that is now seen by thousands daily. The history of the Sistine Chapel dates back to the 15th century. Pope Sixtus the IV was responsible for the outside, Paul III for the Last Judgment, and Julius II for the ceiling. The Sistine Chapels’ name actually comes from Pope Sixtus who had built the chapel throughout the years of 1479-1481. The Sistine Chapel replaced an existing fourteenth-century structure known as the Great Chapel. During Pope Sixtus’ time Renaissance Painters, including Perugino along with others like Botticelli and Signorelli were brought in to create frescos. In the Sistine Chapel, there are paintings of standing figures of popes who were saints of the church, this

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