Essay On Women's Suffrage Movement

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Women's suffrage was a huge change in history. This movement began nearly one hundred years before it was actually passed! Women wanted this movement to begin because they had figured out that they were not listened to, and wouldn’t be listened to, unless they were allowed to have the right to vote. Another reason women wanted this movement to pass, was because they felt very left out and very low compared to other people, after all, Black and Chinese people could vote before women could. There are a few main people who started some movement to get this Amendment going. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and many others, used petitions and lobbied congress to pass a constitutional amendment that allowed women to vote. There were many meetings to try and get this movement started, but the one that really stood up and got it moving, was the Women’s Rights Convention, which was held in Seneca Falls in New York. At first, many politicians were against the allowing of the women to vote, but in a couple decades, that slowly, but surely, changed. There were two organizations that passed for the suffrage movement in the twentieth…show more content…
The last main reason these bills were passed so easily was because Lawmakers felt that women being able to have the right to vote, was just plain the right thing to do. The bill was passed within the council with a ratio of 6:1 votes. Later, the Women’s Suffrage Bill passed the House with a total vote count of 7:4 votes with an abstention. Campbell, finally on December 10th, 1869, signed the Bill into law, after taking several days to think on it. On August 16th, 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment was passed, this allowed women getting all the rights and responsibilities of a United States
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