The Hobbit Journey Analysis

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The Hobbit; A Most Unexpected Journey In a hobbit hole, in The Hill, in Hobbiton, in the Shire, in Middle-Earth, sat a hobbit named Bilbo. Bilbo started off a safe hobbit, unknowing of the adventures that lay ahead of him. One afternoon, twelve hobbits and a wizard came over for a party that he didn’t know about. Two years later, he had outwitted a slimy creature, battled giant spiders, earned a share of a mountain full of treasure, and learned more than anyone in Hobbiton could teach him. He was taught perseverance, courage, trust, and generosity throughout this epic journey. Bilbo was a hobbit that loved cleanliness and comfort, but as his adventurous Took side begins showing, that all changes. He earns everyone’s respect and admiration…show more content…
Some of these circumstances have been when he saves them from the Elves and spiders, and when they are trapped in Smaug’s cave. While in Mirkwood Forest, the dwarves get attacked and captured by the giant spiders that inhabit the area. The book reads, “The idea came to him to lead the furious spiders further and further away from the dwarves, if he could; to make them curious, excited and angry all at once” (159). Bilbo could have been found and eaten by the spiders, but he sacrifices his safety to save the dwarves. Bilbo could have tried to escape the forest safely and leave the dwarves, but he decides to help them. Bilbo’s spur of the moment decision earns him more respect in their eyes. After Bilbo saved them from the spiders, “They knew only too well that they would soon all be dead, if it had not been for the hobbit; and they thanked him many times” (166). The dwarves see that they don’t have to treat him like a little kid anymore. They realize that Gandalf was right by bringing Bilbo along, for he saved their lives, and their whole journey. Bilbo has really grown throughout the events in The Hobbit and so has the dwarves’ respect for him. Bilbo was a sheltered hobbit that loved to sit by the fire and eat second breakfast, but grew from there. His Took side started showing, leading him to be more courageous and take action. He battled evil goblins, giant spiders, and witty dragons, both mentally and physically. Bilbo’s valiant actions showed the dwarves that Gandalf chose him for a reason. Bilbo grew abundantly throughout the book, though his height didn’t, to be a gallant, daring
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