The Hobbit And A Dog's Life Comparison

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The hero 's journey is everywhere, in the books you read to in your own life. In every book it’s a little different due to the author 's style. This can be seen between the two books The Hobbit and A Dog’s life. The Hobbit is about a Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who goes on a quest to get treasure back from a dragon. A Dog’s Life is about a dog who had to learn how to survive on her own from a very young age and is trying to find a place to live. The hero 's journey is shown in many different ways in these two books. There are many differences and similarities in the texts but more differences between both books. The differences start to show very early in the books. To start the trials show very different in both books.For one one of the…show more content…
For one they are both pushed into doing this journey. This is one of the first chapters in The Hobbit where Gandalf shows up up at Bilbo’s hobbit hole and when he goes inside he put a mark on the door. This mark lets the dwarves’ where to go. Then in A Dog’s Life she follows her brother away from the house after their mom dies. They also both get help from a character in the book who will keep helping them This is one of the most noticeable points to find in any book or movie. In The Hobbit he has Gandalf witch is one of the fist characters the book mentions. He also has all of the dwarves’. In A Dog’s Life she has Bone, Moon, and her mother are the main dogs that help her. The humans in the story most of them are mean to the dog’s. They both at some point in the story they get into really bad fights or accidents. In one in A Dog’s Life moon lost her life. In The Hobbit Bilbo first is dropped off a cliff, then he is tormented my gollum. After he escapes him he is knocked out and wakes up with a spider trying to eat him he then kills the spider. While trying to find his friends he ends up fighting a clan of the same spiders. Then in A Dog’s Life she first gets a broken shoulder from being thrown out of a car. After that she is then attacked by a ban of wild dogs while always being chased to be taken to the pound. One of the biggest accidents happened as she was hit by a truck and could have died. They are not all that similar but they do have a few similarities between them
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