The Hobbit And A Hero's Journey Analysis

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Author’s show the Hero’s Journey in many different and similar ways. In The Hobbit wrote by JRR Tolkien the Hero Bilbo Baggins leaves his home to go on a adventure with the dwarves’. They run into goblins, elves’, and spiders and are heading to Smaug to fight a dragon to get their gold back. In A Dog’s Life wrote by Ann M Martin the Hero Squirrel leaves her home to follow her brother and runs into another home. The person of the home drives them and drops them off at the mall; Squirrel loses her brother named Bone and is left in the mall to find food and shelter. Then she finds a friend and runs into danger with her new friend. The Hobbit and A Dog’s Life show the Hero’s Journey in very different and similar ways. In both books the Hero’s Journey is similar. One example is they both have a older wiser person. In The Hobbit the wiser person is Gandalf. Gandalf is a wizard and helps them fight the goblins’ and other creatures they run into on the way to the mountain; helps then with directions and where to go. In A Dog’s Life the older wiser person is the mom dog. The mom dog tells Bone and Squirrel how to catch food, and who not to go by. Another example is both Hero’s leaves their home. In The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins leaves his hobbit hole to go to the mountains with the dwarves’. In A Dog’s Life Squirrel leaves the shed she grew up in. Another example is both Hero’s Departure from their safe home to a special world. Bilbo crossed the woods. Squirrel and Bone got threw out
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