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In the novel, The Hobbit by J.J. Tolkien, Bilbo Baggins as a character grows tremendously. He goes from caring about nothing besides his cakes and tea, to opening up to a whole different world outside of the Shire. As the book begins, Bilbo is put to the task of reclaiming a place known as the Lonely Mountain by a wizard named Gandalf, after such request Bilbo states “Sorry! I don’t want any adventures, thank you”(Tolkien 4) and ultimately shows his cowardness. Throughout this journey, Bilbo changes for the best. When Bilbo first considered the possibility of leaving his comfy lifestyle at the Shire, one would compare it to the saying “a fish out of water”. To Bilbo's understanding, hobbits weren't built for adventure. As he develops relationships…show more content…
Bilbo is able to adapt to any situation that is thrown at him. One example that sticks out, is his use of the ring when fighting off the spiders after only having it for a short amount of time. “Hobbits are clever at quietness, especially in woods, as I have already told you; also Bilbo had slipped on his ring before he started. That is why the spiders neither saw nor heard him coming”(168). This incident that involved these spiders, showed several of Bilbo's personality traits. First off, his ability to use a sword and ring effectively as both a tool and weapon, when it was a whole new object to him. When putting both of these incidents together, it really shows Bilbo's cleverness in any given situation. Another situation to put into account was when Bilbo hid the Arkenstone from Thorin. When Bilbo gives the Arkenstone to Bard to give to Thorin in exchange for treasure (and peace), Thorin becomes very angry that Bilbo had it in the first place. But Bilbo conjures up a justification with,”well I took it fair and square! It was my share of the treasure!”. Bilbo took a big risk, but from this, it showed his stubbornness whether or not it causes a
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