The Hobbit Book Vs Movie Analysis

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The Hobbit The Hobbit, like most good books these days, was made into a movie. Also like most books that have been made into movies, there is many similarities and differences. Characters and scenes were Changed. The biggest character change I noticed was the Pale Orc. The scene change that stood out to me the most was the eagle rescue. The Hobbit was changed from book to the movie by adding and changing Characters and scenes In the movie the Pale Orc plays a lot bigger role than in the book. The book version only mentions The pale orc once. In the movie he is one of the biggest protagonists. At the beginning it shows a flashback of a battle between the dwarves and orcs. In the battle the Pale Orc kills Thorin's father. Then Thorin went…show more content…
In the book the group is treed by the wargs, and goblins. Then Gandalf came up with the idea of throwing lit pine cones at the wargs. Then the wargs pile up sticks and brush under the trees, and light the trees on fire. At this same time the great eagle hears the commotion, and get the rest of the eagles. The eagles swoop down and save the group just in time. In the movie the orcs and wargs tree the group. At this time Gandalf sends a butterfly to get help. When they threw the flaming pinecones at the warg it just makes them mad, and they start pushing the trees over. When the trees started tipping the caused a dominos effect. The dwarves and Bilbo had to jump from tree to tree to keep from falling. When the last tree falls it gets hung up on the edge of the cliff. Then thorin decides to fight the Pale Orc. The Pale Orc defeats Thorin, but just before he could cut off his head Bilbo jumped on his back. Around this time the eagles come and start attacking the wargs and orcs. Just like the book the eagles come just in time. The biggest change was the part when Bilbo jumps on the orc and saves Thorin. This is very significant because Thorin gain respect for Bilbo. Also this is when Bilbo breaks down the barrier of being a coward, and becomes the hero. The differences between the movie and book were added to make the adventure more entertaining. The Pale Orc was added to tell more about Thorin's past, and to give the audience a reocurring protagonist to root against. The Eagle Rescue scene was changed so Thorin would gain respect for Bilbo, and so Bilbo could break down the barrier of being a coward, and become the hero. To me these are too of the biggest changes between the book and the

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