The Hobbit Movie Themes

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Movie trailers are the ultimate marketing tool in film. They include the funniest, heart stopping, and most engaging parts of the film to create interest among fans promote awareness. Movie trailers have only one objective, give fans a reason to see the compilation of pixels they have spent months creating and pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into. “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” captures the audience’s attention and compels them with an undeniable sensation of eagerness through the director’s credibility, the trailer’s passionate score, and undeniable logic. (intro is unfinished)
“The Hobbit” has been a favorite among children’s bedtime stories and adult fiction alike. This story has been around for generations captivating young
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It appeals to the more humane side of people, evoking emotion, and pulling on heartstrings to release a sense of shared empathy in order to connect with the theme or purpose of the film. In “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” trailer, the filmmakers focus on the main themes of honor, redemption, power, and destiny. The trailer begins with a soft, mystical music, but dramatically crescendos as the theme of courage and fate ring through the hearts of the men fighting for their once lost glory. The beat mimics that of the dwarves heartbeats as they can almost taste their rightful homeland. This choice of powerful and resilient music allows the audience to connect with the characters and echoes the tune of pure redemption and hope. The element of danger and uncertainty shown in every frame of the trailer undermine the characters determination and allows the audience to identify and encourage the characters on their seemingly impossible quest. The intense scenes and the richness of the tempo enables the viewers to feel as if they are experiencing the same adrenaline, fear, and excitement as their on screen counterparts. The element of emotion allows fans to experience their fantasy world on an entirely new and creative level, ultimately thrusting them into the dark and doom laden atmosphere which they so highly praise and admire. This technique capture’s fans interest, sparking…show more content…
Peter Jackson’s stellar success on the “Lord of the Rings” film franchise, and specifically the third movie “The Return of The King” which made cinematic history by winning an astounding eleven Oscars, verifies his authority for creating and directing the second Hobbit film (Vanity Fair). Not only is Jackson the most logical choice for directing the second film because of his impressive cinematic history, but also because he is familiar with the story and is capable of not only appeasing the fans, but creating a movie that is better than anything they could have ever imagined. Most importantly, because of his history with Tolkien inspired films, fans have faith in him to portray this cherished narrative in all of its unbridled glory. These facts are instrumental to the argument that Peter Jackson is not only the best choice in directing this film, but the perfect choice. The “Lord of the Rings” cinematic success and the success of the first Hobbit film prove that this installment is worth fans time and money and is a genuine tribute to the extraordinary literature from which it was
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