The Hobbit Short Story

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It was a marvelous day in a barren land that contained no men, elves, or even the vilest of beasts. However, there were two souls living in this barren land. They were known throughout the land as the dragons Smither and his son Smaug. Smither and Smaug lived in the grandest cave in the largest mountain in all of their land. These dragons also loved to stow their gold, jewels, and other priceless gems and items they could find in their magnificent cave. Every day they found yet even more and more precious items and there was nobody, not even the smallest or smartest of creatures that could take it from them. Early that morning Smither and Smaug were out in a small wood near the mountain hunting for sheep. All dragons love fresh mutton and…show more content…
As he grew closer to the source of the light, the sent continued to grow stronger. Smaug, being so youthful and ignorant, hadn’t realized that the only living creature that could produce such a strong smell was a measly hobbit. And indeed that is exactly what Smaug found when he reached the small campfire. The hobbit that he saw was larger than most, especially around the waist. He had hair as dark as coal and feet as large as a trolls hand. He had sprawled all of his belongings out among rocks and the ground, and some items even hung in low branches. The hobbit himself was wearing nothing but his underclothes and seemed to be shivering despite the hot fire in front of him. The young hobbit was roasting a large fish over his open fire, and he seemed to be very anxious about something, and he kept looking behind him into the dark forest. Smaug slowly came into the clearing so he wouldn’t frighten the hobbit and he wanted to make it clear that he surely did not want to harm the little creature. As Smaug crept forward, the firelight slowly hit his smooth scales and made them shine brighter than the shiniest piece of treasure their ever was. As soon as Smaug took a single step into the light, the hobbit immediately saw the shiny scales and began to run. Smaug quickly called out to the terrified

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