The Hockey Game: A Fictional Narrative

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After the recording sessions it almost became some sort of a tradition to go to the hockey games. That night after the game everyone was outside talking for a bit scheduling the next session and just debriefing on what’s been done so far. “Alright well time to go home. Everyone except Beau is getting dropped off by my dad right?” Everyone agreed and started walking towards the car. “Okay well see you all later. I’ll be on email finalizing the details.” Everyone exchanged goodbyes but Rosemary who just stood there with her hands in her pockets looking at the ground. Beau turns around and looks at her. “Hey are you alright? It’s cold, shouldn’t you be going?” They could see the puffs of air with every breath they took. “Yeah I’m fine, I guess.” Rosemary retained a smile but kept her gaze down at her feet. “Hey talk to me Rose, what’s…show more content…
“Come on I’ll walk you to the car.” Rosemary clutches her fists inside her pocket and bites her lip. “You’re so fucking daft. . .” Beau turns back. “Huh?” “That’s not what I meant dipshit.” Beau could see tears starting to form in her eyes. He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around her. Rosemary’s eyes widened and her hands fell out of her pockets, her arms going limp. “I think I understand now, and the answer is yes I like you Rose, I like you a lot.” From that point on the two started dating both knowing that their time together is short. By the end of the summer they both knew full well that Beau would be going to the other side of the country and they wouldn’t be able to see each other for months at a time. For that reason they were able to convince their parents to allow Beau to go on the annual fourth of July camping trip. As the days grew closer to the departure point the two only became closer and closer making the day he left even harder than they could ever
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