The Holocaust: A Life Of Heinrich Himmler

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About eleven million people died in the Holocaust (“We’re Here to Inspire”). Heinrich Himmler was Adolf Hitler's right-hand man that organized many deaths during the Holocaust period. He was a notorious leader that murdered millions. Heinrich Himmler was born on October 7th, 1900. While growing up he was not a healthy child. At the age of two he had a severe respiratory infection, and another illness at age six when he began school. There were many health concerns since he had been so sick. His parents and siblings were very worried about him. His mom Anna Marie Himmler was a devoted Christian who loved to spoil Heinrich. His father Joseph Gebhard Himmler was not a nice man but influenced much of his son’s life. Heinrich had two brothers Gebhard Ludwig Himmler, and Ernst Hermann Himmler. Gebhard would also become a German Nazi just like Heinrich, but not have as much power as His brother (Gebhard Ludwig Himmler). Same goes for Ernst. (Ernst Hermann Himmler)…show more content…
They considered him to be a star. He was brilliant at school work, but he was not the best athlete. He was a clumsy child that was nearsighted, and was often made fun of by the other students. He switched schools and started attending Royal Wilhelm Gymnasium; it was a secondary school. He was a hard working student and the teachers liked him there as
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