The Holocaust: An Analysis Of Hitler's Final Solution

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The Nazis were a legion of sadistic mass murderers who exploited various forms of torture to annihilate all people who they considered lesser to them. Their manic killing spree was fueled by their determination for purity in the world. This was an event known as the Holocaust. The Nazis had a diverse group of victims, ranging from Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals. The Holocaust was led by Adolf Hitler, who strived for pure Germans, or aryans, to rule in a world free of those deemed unworthy. By the will of Hitler, the elimination of the Jews was accomplished through the use of various execution methods, which ranged from forced labor to mass shootings. Although cruel in the eyes of the opposers of the Holocaust, the Nazis believed that by eliminating the Jews, their problems would be resolved. The Jews were a scapegoat, being deemed responsible for…show more content…
Hitler’s “Final Solution” was to wipe all Jews off the face of the Earth; his plan almost succeeded, eliminating six million Jews before the Nazi defeat and liberation of the concentration camps. However, the Nazis did not kill the majority of the Jews by hand. It was the innovative minds of German executioners that created the most destructive killing force in all of the Holocaust, the Zyklon gas chamber.
One of the most effective killing methods was by forcing Jews into gas chambers, where they were gassed to death using exhaust fumes or Zyklon B. Five of the six extermination camps gas chambers were constructed with the single purpose of killing Jews, gypsies and other undesirables. In the Chelmno extermination camp, gassing trucks were used for this horrible enterprise. The procedure of killing the victims in gas chambers was the following:
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