The Holocaust: An Introduction To The Holocaust

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Introduction to the Holocaust II The Holocaust was a mass genocide across the continent of Europe. The Holocaust by definition means “sacrifice by fire”. During the Holocaust, almost 11 million people were killed. 6 million of these victims were jewish. The Holocaust was also known as Hitler’s “Final Solution”, which was to exterminate Gypsies, Jews, Homosexuals, Jehovah 's Witnesses, and Political Prisoners. The Socialist Workers Party, used a system of death camps and labor camps located in occupied Poland, and in eastern Germany. After the passing of the Nuremberg laws, the Jewish people were denied of their rights. They were stripped of their citizenship and couldn’t live a normal life. The Jews could not leave their house, go to the movies, ride in cars, and they were forced to wear the yellow Star of David. The jews were forced out of their homes and into ghettos. After being stuck in the giant prison-like ghetto, they would be transported to concentration camps on cramped, smelly trains. Auschwitz-Birkenau will always be known as the most infamous Nazi death camp. At Auschwitz, thousands of horrid, disgusting experiments were conducted on the camp’s inhabitants. Dr. Joseph Mengele was the leader of all these terrible experiments. The jewish people were forced into harsh living conditions, up until the liberation of these camps in 1944. Many jews were able to hide; such as Anne Frank, who sadly died at Auschwitz, months before it was liberated.
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