The Holocaust: The Nuremberg's Final Solution

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Introduction to the Holocaust II The Holocaust was a mass genocide across the continent of Europe. The Holocaust by definition means “sacrifice by fire”. During the Holocaust, almost 11 million people were killed. 6 million of these victims were jewish. The Holocaust was also known as Hitler’s “Final Solution”, which was to exterminate Gypsies, Jews, Homosexuals, Jehovah 's Witnesses, and Political Prisoners. The Socialist Workers Party, used a system of death camps and labor camps located in occupied Poland, and in eastern Germany. After the passing of the Nuremberg laws, the Jewish people were denied of their rights. They were stripped of their citizenship and couldn’t live a normal life. The Jews could not leave their house,…show more content…
19 Nazis were found guilty, 12 were sentenced to death. 185 other Nazis were found guilty later. Trails did not include the highest ranking Nazis like Hitler, Goebbels or Himmler because they committed suicide. The Final Solution- The Final Solution was the plan Nazis had to exterminate the Jewish people. What is clear is that the genocide of the Jews was the decade of Nazi policy, under the rule of Adolf Hitler. The "Final Solution" was implemented in stages. After the Nazi party rise to power, state-enforced racism resulted in anti-Semitism, boycotts, Aryanization, and finally the "Night of Broken Glass" pogrom, all of which aimed to remove the Jews from German society.. Liberation- The Liberation was the release of the concentration camp inmates. In 1944, Allied forces entered Majdanek, and “rescued” the Jews. The USSR, and the USA came through Germany and Poland and set the camp’s inhabitants free. Around two million total Jews, and Gypsies were liberated from the concentration camp of eastern…show more content…
Dehumanization- the process of depriving someone of their human characteristics Demagogue- a politician that gets support by appealing to popular subjects and desires, instead of rational argument Deportation- the act of removing someone from a country Einsatzgruppen- the group of Schutzstaffel members that was responsible for mass killings Eugenics- the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics The Final Solution- policy of exterminating European Jews, Introduced by Heinrich Himmler, the policy resulted in the murder of 6 million Jews in concentration camps between 1941 and 1945 Fuhrer- a ruthless, tyrannical leader Genocide- the killing of a large group of people, especially people of one ethnic group or nation Gestapo- the German secret police, responsible for arresting Jews, and enforcing Nuremberg laws Ghettos- a fenced area of a city where populations of people would be forced into Holocaust- Judaism- the monotheistic religion of the Jews Mein Kampf- a book Hitler wrote that voices his opinions of the Jews, and his political views Nationalism- patriotic feelings, actions, and
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