The Holocaust Analysis

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The motives for the Holocaust were merely based off of racism and carried out through Hitler’s ability to manipulate the population. John Roth explained it clearly by saying “The Nazis saw what they took to be a practical problem: the need to eliminate “radically inferior” people. Then they moved to solve it.” Germany looked to the Jews as a race that endangered the wellbeing of others. This event in history shows us just how sick and twisted racism is. David Rousset, a Holocaust survivor, said “The existence of the camps is a warning” of racism’s evil. The only way the Third Reich could eliminate a population was through the “cooperation of every sector of German Society.” The Holocaust was in no way a single act by one man or an unplanned…show more content…
John Roth says “The most crucial moral problem posed by the Holocaust is that no moral, social, religious, or political constraints were sufficient to stop Nazi Germany from unleashing the Final Solution. Only when military force crushed the Third Reich did the genocide end.” I believe this shows how powerful the psychological part of this was. This all started from the beginning when Germany suffered economically after WW1 and because of the humiliating Treaty of Versailles. Through those tough times, Germany began its hatred bubbling up inside, and this hatred turned into it’s twisted perception of the world. When Hitler came to power, that anger had to be used on someone, and the Jews were in the line of fire. Germany was bursting with racist propaganda and turning into a nation brought up out of their suffering by the manipulative Hitler. That is why I think it is crucial to study the Holocaust. Roth says “The Holocaust warns us about the depth of racism’s evil.” When you can manipulate an entire nation to hate a population, that is power. From learning about the ways Hitler changed the minds of Germany, we can understand how to prevent this thinking and understand just why a nation could become evil. Roth says “Scientists preformed research and tested their radical theories on those branded subhuman or nonhuman by German science.” And earlier in the article he said how the society was scientifically advanced. That is just one way how Germany was manipulated. Scientists began doing test on humans who were considered unhuman by Hitler’s rule. I believe Hitler was one of the most destructive and manipulative men in History. Very
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