Reflection On The Holocaust

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bly resist during the Holocaust was passively as it provides human dignity, a greater chance of survival, and also provides hope.

Jewish people, before being put into concentration camps, were put into ghettos in which many died of starvation and disease; but this didn’t stop them from keeping their human dignity. As they suffered they still acted as if they were trying their best to show the Nazis that they don’t want to be treated like animals, though they struggled to do so: “Jews struggled for humanity, for normalcy, and for life by purposefully attempting to keep themselves clean, not showing emotion to their captures, helping others, organizing religious worship or by fasting on religious holidays despite the fact that they were starving”
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The thought about life after the war, hoping they would see the day when that comes. Although sometimes they have lost hope, they quickly gained it back, as it is necessary for survival. They also have hope that peace will come and the war will end soon: “ I’ll never forget it because you had “Peace in nineteen forty-three” on it…”Peace in nineteen forty-four!”...”Well, it has to come sometime, you know”(326).They know that peace will come sooner or later so they hope they’ll survive long enough to see it and live normal lives again. Nevertheless, opponents will say that hope can’t save Anne’s family and others that are hiding from death. They should no that it can’t save active fighters either. Everyone during the war had hope that one day peace will come and the war will be over. Martin Luther King Jr. is an example from history of hope. He was an African American who passively protested race equality. He had hope that someday, people of all races could live happily and get along. As people gained hope, it spread to others. People like Anne Frank kept hope that peace would return, and it did.

World War II and the Holocaust was a horrid time for many Jews, but also was an opening for new voices of resistance against evil to be heard. In “Resistance during the Holocaust”, Jewish people kept their human dignity by showing the Nazis that they were no different from them. In “The Diary of Anne Frank”, Anne’s legacy survived and we still know her story today. Alos, her family also kept hope that the war would end and peace would come back. Although many used active resistance to fight the Germans, passive resistance seemed to do just as much. It created a sense of human dignity, better survival, and
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