The Holocaust And The Holocaust

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Throughout history, there have been many examples where groups of people have been denied their human rights. Individuals, groups, and governments have attempted to end many of these human rights violations although they have not always been successful. One event from history that can immediately be dissected from many other events that stripped humans of their basic rights is the deadly and horrible Holocaust which mainly took place in Germany during World War II and discriminated against the Jewish population. The German dictator at the time of WW2, Adolf Hitler, hated Jews and believed they were the reason for all the bad things happening to Germany such as the bad economy and the loss in WW1. The circumstances that led up to the Holocaust was the Treaty of Versailles after the Germans lost in WW1. Germany was blamed for the war and were subject to pay very heavy reparations; the cause of these heavy reparations put Germany in a very bad state economically. Due to all of this, Hitler preached that the Jews were to blame and he promised to fix Germany during his political race for leader of Germany. An unmotivated Germany believed Hitler and did everything to elect him because of his very convincing speeches to make Germany a vast and dominating empire once again. The Jews lived very hard lives after the election of Hitler; they were subject to very harsh ways of life and it started out with the release of the Nuremberg Laws. These laws made it so Jews could not marry
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