The Holocaust And The Victims Of The Holocaust

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They ran. On January 30, 1933 the Jews started fleeing, hiding, and hoping that no one would find families concealed in secret annexes. The Holocaust is one of the most dreary times on this planet. Back then, technology was not as good as it is now. All people had was a paper and pen, with that paper and pen these people wrote whatever they wanted privately. Everything people would write stays written forever. It turns into literature so that people in the future, us, could read about today. People wrote their feelings together with their points of views on life around them. All of this writing is facts that the Holocaust happened as well as these people’s true feelings. Literature can help us remember and honor the victims of the Holocaust by seeing the different points of view, reading the evidence, and studying the forever recorded history. All ages were living during the Holocaust, including all different minds with different points of view. From babies to elders living in 1933 to 1945 you could have fought in WWl and WWll along with maybe being alive today or have just passed away. All these people have different minds, goals, and yes teens knew what was going on but they still had dreams. A teenager is going through their own issue already from being a teen but imagine throw a war on top all of though problems. Bryers states, “A teenager from Warsaw felt the heat of his polish neighbors.” That teen is dealing with being a teen, war, and that neighbor
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