The Holocaust As Deadly And Inhumane

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The Holocaust Eleven million innocent people gone in the blink of an eye. The Holocaust was a toxic time period in which millions of Europeans lost their lives due to the belief that Anglo-Saxons were “racially superior”. This twelve yearlong misery began once a man named Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. Jews were the main group targeted because they were believed to have caused all economic problems but, they were not the only ones. Homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Romans, and people who were disabled were all some of the groups targeted during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was deadly and brutal for the millions of people who had to endure the concentration camps and face terror from the Nazis. When the Anti-Semitic leader Adolf…show more content…
People were sent to concentration camps to be detained under harsh conditions which eventually led up to their deaths. These camps helped carry out Hitler’s “Final Solution” plan. The Nazi’s first established camps in Poland because they had the largest population of Jewish people. They’re main plan when creating these camps was mass murder. Gas chambers, injections, and science experiments were some of the many ways they were able to murder so many people in the twelve year time…show more content…
Hitler was slowly removed from power and more and more camps were liberated. When Germany was finally invaded by the Allies in 1945, it was clear that Hitler’s tortuous ways were over. The Nazi’s began to be recognized for what they put so many innocent people through. Because the Nazi’s were beginning to be punished for what they did, Adolf Hitler committed suicide before he could be punished. Even though Hitler was gone, there were still many anti-Semitic people living in Europe. Therefore, special camps were established for Jews to keep them safe from any danger that might still be out there. In conclusion, the Holocaust left millions of people dead. Two out of every three Jews were killed during this horrible time because Adolf Hitler blamed them for all the economic problems in Germany. Only blonde haired, blue eyed people were seen as superior. Groups such as Romans, homosexuals, and the disabled were all targeted and sentenced to death. After twelve long, gruesome years, there were still some strong survivors through all the pain and
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