Holocaust Concentration Camps: The Holocaust

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The Holocaust Concentration Camps: Auschwitz The Holocaust was a horrid experience. The Holocaust came about because Adolf Hitler was upset over the loss of World War I. Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s loss in World War I, and he wanted to take over Germany, with that came him thinking he had to get rid of all the Jewish people. So after the loss of World War I, he tried and succeeded with the extermination of most of the Jews. Hitler first sent the Jews to concentration camps, which about 20,000 concentration camps were built by Nazi Germany. The main camps were the ones of Auschwitz. Auschwitz concentration camps were located 37 west of Krakow. There were three main camps (Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II, and Auschwitz III), each deployed…show more content…
The construction of Auschwitz I began in May of 1940, in an abandoned Polish army barrack. Prisoners were deployed at forced labor by the SS authorities. German prisoners from Sachsenhausen were the first people at Auschwitz. The prisoners were already in a concentration camp in Germany. The three main aspirations of Auschwitz I were to: restrain real and true enemies of the Nazi regime and the German occupation authorities in Poland for an indefinite period of time, to have an attainable amount of forced laborers for the SS authority owned companies, and finally to serve as an area to dispose of groups that were directly targeted by the SS authorities. Like most of the camps, Auschwitz I also had gas chambers and a crematorium. D readful medical experiments were performed in Auschwitz I by the SS physicians. (Holocaust Encyclopedia…show more content…
The conditions were no where near the conditions the camps should have been, but Hitler didn’t really think of the Jews or whoever else he targeted as people. Some people were treated okay, most weren’t though. People were worked to death or just flat out killed. Elderly, adults, and children, including infants, were just absent-mindedly killed. Some people had excruciating “medical” experiments carried out on them. The stories of what happened in the Auschwitz camps are very saddening. The liberation of the camps were just as bad. People were put on trains and they froze or starved to death. All this happened because Adolf Hitler decided to blame the loss of a war on people who really had no part of it. The whole experience of the Holocaust is something that is that should be continued to learn about and
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