The Holocaust: Different Causes And Consequences Of The Holocaust

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“We can make a difference. We can save lives. We can stop the genocide” (). People can make a difference when they work together to stop the genocide and the violence. They can save millions of lives by learning from other survivors and do the right thing. Reading or hearing the stories that will never be forgotten and they will always stay in the memory of the person who experiences it until death can be great lessons for the society. To begin with, there are different types of genocide:.......It causes many internal and external consequences for the person and the society. Three of the survivors during the Nazi were Simone Arnold Liebster, Otto Rosenberg, and Ralph Rehbock. ...Not finished Each person should try to accept others if they have the power to save him/herself and their family. First of all, Simone Arnold Liebster was a survivor that experience the genocide during the Nazi. They believed that everyone should obey them to build a great German. Unfortunately, Simone’s dad was arrested because they believed that he was “Undesirables” and could damage German. The article contains, “They arrested my Dad the day he had his monthly pay packet in his pocket. They closed our bank account and refused my mum a working card, telling her that there was neither work nor help for vermin” said Simone (Holocaust Memorial Day Trust). Being a child and lose a father is a hard thing Also, the Nazi do not care about people or family and how they will survive. Being at…show more content…
In the book In Our Voices: Stories of Holocaust Survivors by Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, there are many survivors that their stories make them who they are and their words represent how it was a miracle to survive. One of these survivors was Ralph Rehbock. He …… “The Nazi soldiers knew where my father lived, but he was not at home that night. He never went home again” said

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