The Holocaust: Documentary Analysis

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The Holocaust, a memorable yet tragic event in history that resulted in millions and millions of deaths among innocent individuals. All age groups between young and old were separated from their families, stored into railcars, and sent to concentration camps where they will be tortured…… death. But the mass killing ended so many years ago, right?Well guess again because it seems in North Korea, the familiar death camps has taken a tole on its people. Between the early to mid 1940’s, over 6 million Jews would spend their lasts moments crowded by complete strangers who were dying from starvation, toxic chemicals, and dreadful diseases. They were stuffed into wagons and railcars and were to be taken to concentration camps where they were to be intoxicated with gaseous chemicals like pesticide.”The first mass gassings…show more content…
The original purpose for the documentary was to video a doctor heal blind patients , but it lead on to seeing how terrible North Korea is. There is no freedom, and barely any food. North Korea had their own collection of concentration camps.The 50x40 kilometer concentration camp called camp 22, held 50,000 people inside. In the documentary, the camera crew sat down with a concentration camp guard from Camp 22, Om Yon-Chol. He is one of the few who successfully escaped. He´d witnessed his fellow guards beat and shoot prisoners for petty offenses.¨ When we were educated as guards, we were told not to think of the prisoners as humans. The moment you enter a North Korean prison, you are no longer a human being. If you think you are a human being, there is no way you could survive in the camps.¨ (Nat Geo). Camp 22 is a family camp specifically used for the families of the ones who actually committed the crime. If you complained about North Korean ways and/or government, you and your family could possibly be transferred to camp 22, for
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