The Holocaust: Are Humans Good At Heart?

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The Holocaust was one of the most horrible things that have happened in this world. There are friendly and evil people in this world and knowing if they are generous can be really hard. People are good at heart because, a lot of people are making sacrifices, trying to stick together, and therefore kids like Anne still think people are kind at heart. History has gone through some rough patches, but with history comes change. If you haven 't already heard, the Holocaust was basically a Jewish sacrificial offering that is burned completely on an altar. What happened during the holocaust was horrible and after hearing about it the question left in mind is, are humans good at heart, this essay will prove why.

We all know that what the Nazi´s are doing is horrible, but, there are still generous people in depressing times. On page 461 Anne states,“ Miep and Mr. Kraler are like our protectors.”Miep and Mr. Kraler represent the kind humans in our society. They are putting themselves at a risk of going to prison or being shot by the Nazi´s just so they could help a couple people. Mr. Frank cheerfully stated,¨Look what Miep brought for us.¨(491) Everyone in the annex is really just waiting around to die, however, Miep is trying to please …show more content…

Anne wrote in her diary, ’’In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart. (page 512) If a young child who had gone through being in hiding for almost 2 years only to end up starving to death in a concentration camp still believes in kindness and that it is still there, why shouldn 't others. Also Anne stated, ¨no, it isn 't, I 've got something(page 481).¨While everyone was depressed about the circumstances they are in because they couldn 't celebrate a real Hannukah, Anne was happy and have everyone presents.Anne-¨the days aren 't so bad.¨ (461). Anne is making the best out of aq horrid

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